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Dreamship was recently interviewed by the famous reporter John Montone for the largest newsradio station in the country: WINS. Listen to the three part interview which aired air a total of 12 times on Saturday, August 17th and Sunday, August 18th, 2002
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the debut album from Dreamship

to listen to excerpts from Ancestral Voyage

Timothy Martin and Ed Schaum have forever changed the way artists create music together. Ancestral Voyage, the new rock album from Dreamship, was composed, arranged, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered entirely via the internet!

In fact, Martin and Schaum have never even met each other.

But they wrote and played this entire album together, even though they were 2,000 miles apart the whole time. They spent countless hours passing huge files back and forth across the net, and this is the result ... a concept album of progressive music that takes you on a voyage into your dreams - a journey through the past, the present and the future to find your place in the grand scheme...searching the sky.

Ancestral Voyage is a concept album that weaves complex arrangements and majestic sound with mainstream rock music. The music alternates between driving rock anthems and delicate passages, and tells a story that you won't soon forget.

The album includes a 12 page, full color booklet, with pictures, lyrics, and great graphics from cover to cover.

Track Listing:

Ancestral Voyage

The Grand Machine
2.i. The Young Man
3. ii. THe Traveler The Wanderer
4. iii. Touching the Future

iv. My Machine Alive

The Forest Suite:
Forest Heart-
6. i. Silent Echoes
7. ii. Leaves of Gold
8. iii. The Crystal Stream

Forest Dream

The Scroll
10. i. The Journey

ii. The Letter

12. Final Destination

All music composed, arranged, performed, and produced by Dreamship

Dreamship is:
Timothy Martin - keyboards, rhythm guitars, lead vocals, drums
Ed Schaum - acoustic, electric, 12-string, classical, and slide guitar, backing vocals

Ancestral Voyage is available for purchase and download on iTunes and Amazon

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